Epic Lucidity Festival LA Pre-Party



Lucidity Festival Pre-Party Takes Over Los Angeles

With only a little over two weeks to go, Lucidity Festival teamed up with ABunDance to put on another epic pre party, this time in lovely Los Angeles. Taking over UNION night club, you were instantly greeted by bright eyed festival goers. With music blaring in three different rooms, there were copious amounts of good tunes, good drinks and good people. Collectively they were able to co-create a space in LA where you were encouraged to dance passionately and wildly. You could take a glitter bath, enjoy live painting and then buy some festival knick knacks and accessories. If this was any indication of what to expect from the festival on April 7-9th, you won’t want to miss it. From Burners to LA clubbers and everywhere in between, there were smiles from ear to ear throughout the night.

You could explore some of the talent at the main Disco Stage, where The Librarian absolutely destroyed fans with her unique bass sound. Hoops and poi were flowing, and everyone had enough room to get down. Then there was the more intimate Circle Room where sound and visual projections worked in harmony to create an enticing psychedelic ambiance. In The Loft, Fritz Carlton heated up the dance floor with his closing set – the room was literally ten degrees hotter. Whether you wanted funky house or experimental bass, there was something for everyone that night.

There are only a few hundred tickets left for Lucidity Festival in Santa Barbara so be sure to get them before they’re gone!