Fehrplay Kicks Off Label With New Single


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Norwegian music maker Fehrplay, also known as Jonas von der Fehr, has officially announced the launch of his new label Mood Of Mind. The progressive house DJ has made his way through the global club circuit since his big breakout onto the scene in 2013. This success has led Fehrplay to a point where many other DJ’s have been before, thus the birth of Mood Of Mind.

To commemorate the label’s debut, Jonas released the special three-track Skarven EP. The songs are the first release under the newly coined title Mood Of Mind, possibly foreshadowing the type of music that will gravitate towards Jonas’ musical collective. The tracks have a heavy trance sound, filled in with peaceful, yet ominous sounds that make you feel all kinds of things.

The official launch of the label is this coming Friday March, 10. Stay tuned for updates on Fehrplay and his new label!