Guy Gerber’s Rumors Got Miami Dancing


As we entered the patio of the Delano Hotel on South Beach, we were greeted by the hotel’s long infinity pool lined with daybeds occupied by the legendary lookers of SoBe, especially during Miami Music Week. The Rumors stage was situated in the back, beachside, facing a couple bars behind the pool. Like the bars, the party never became overcrowded; moving from the BBQ pit near the hotel, across the pool and beautiful cabanas, to the front of the stage was a cinch despite the large and glamorous crowd. A long way from its roots in Ibiza, Guy Gerber’s Rumors beach party featured Lou Flores & Diego Teran, Life on Planets with their live guitar and vocals, Bedouin, and finally Guy Gerber himself.

Although it goes without saying, Gerber knows what he is doing – each act flowed into the next the way a pool party should progress. Life on Planets with their relaxing funky sound went over well during the day when people were still in the pool, and Bedouin played a very nice dramatic deep house set for sunset that dried people off and had the entire dance floor packed into night. Gerber finished it off with his iconic deep house sound that causes everybody to forget what time it is. For reference, check out his latest major hit, Secret Encounters.