Hallelujah, the iPhone 8 Will Finally Embrace a Universal Charger

iphone 8

Since the very first cell phone there has been one constant annoyance that all users share. There have always been different chargers and plugs, meaning that anytime you switched brands you had to go out and buy all new cords and plugs. When smartphones finally came into being, there was a big movement towards a universal solution called microUSB. This way everybody would have the same plug and charger regardless of brand. However, Apple has never been a fan of universal standards. Apple‘s proprietary charger meant that there was always a scenario of friends asking if they had an Apple charger or an Android charger.

In 2016, a few Android makers took an even bigger leap towards a universal plug that would handle charging, audio, and even video. This was called USB-C and is planned as the future plug to replace all ports on all devices (even HDMI). Currently, if you have a Google Pixel, you are one of the only people with this plug and you know the feeling of being required to carry a cord with you everywhere. Now, word is hitting the street that Apple will ditch its lightning connector on the iPhone 8 and embrace USB-C. This is not that shocking when you realize that Apple already uses this port on its Macbooks.

This means that finally, with the iPhone 8 in 2017, we may begin to reach a point where nobody needs to worry about having the right cord or the right charger ever again. Of course, Apple fans will once again need to shell out dough to replace yet another item made obsolete by Apple.

Source: Technobuffalo