Jauz – The Game



Jauz – The Game

Raise your hand if you love Jauz. Ok, hands still raised, raise your other hand if you love video games. If you have at least one hand in the air, then you’ll love what you’re about to hear. Just in time for your weekend ragers, Jauz dropped his latest track, ‘The Game’ which, after listening to, we can only assume is a nod to video games and their fun and eclectic noises.

The track starts off with some interesting pong soundbites and literally gets more and more insane as the listener moves through each level. Yes, Jauz incorporated levels into this track. Sidenote: has that ever been done before? Regardless, this one is fun and will possibly throw festival crowds into a frenzy this summer. Don’t wait until it’s game over on your next party playlist! This one’s available to stream or download below. Play on players.

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