Kayzo Drops Fire on Diplo & Friends Mix



The weekly Diplo & Friends radio show on BBC Radio 1 has been a right of passage for up and coming artists. The show has premiered some of the fastest-rising names in dance music today, yet has also highlighted mixes by some of the well established producers as well. The variety and quality of the show has made it a fan favorite. Just recently, the airwaves were blessed with Kayzo as his mix was featured.

Stop and think for a second and you’ll realize that somehow Kayzo is flying under the radar. You recognize the name and you remember enjoying his work, but he’s tough to pinpoint. One listen to this mix and you’ll immediately add him to your must-see list. The mix is lit, savage, grimey, fire AF; choose any of the above to describe this absolutely stellar mix. The LA producer hits us from all angles on this mix. Don’t hesitate to hit play on this stream below as Kayzo cranks it up to eleven with Diplo & Friends.

Kayzo Diplo & Friends Mix