Lost Frequencies Chats During Miami Music Week


Lost Frequencies

EDMtunes had the opportunity to talk to Felix De Laet, known as Lost Frequencies,  about how he got into EDM and his Tomorrowland Stage. The Belgian DJ first caught Armada Music’s attention with his remix of ‘Are You with Me’ in 2014 and has been steadily climbing the deep house and tropical house charts since then.

You have made some big accomplishments in such a short span of time. What can you credit this to?

First of all, I can credit to the label that found me. Second I can credit it to my management team to make everything look good and get work for me.

You’re from Belgium right? How did your hometown inspire you to become a musician?

I listen to a lot of electronic music, and we have a big fan base for many years. So I got to share the experience of electronic music with friends. That’s how you grow, you share tracks and music. You think “oh this good” and sometimes you think “oh this is not my style” and then someone shows you why they like it and you start to appreciate other kinds of stuff. You start to grow and learn things from others and that’s really important. I try to understand why people are dancing to something that’s not my style and I learn to appreciate it.

I know you hosted your own Tomorrowland stage last year and you are returning to host the stage again this year. Why did you decide to do it again and what are you going to do differently this time around?

This year I have one live act which is really special for Tomorrowland. I also want to have artists that I really like. I think the line up is very solid. It goes from tropical deep house to me then live and then more deep house, serious stuff, and maybe some more electro.

What are some of your biggest influences?

I actually pick my influences from all around the music world. When I hate something in one genre that is not really my kind of music but I feel like I can do something with it I try to keep the idea and use it in my stuff. I look up to Flume and Skrillex because I think they do an amazing job on the image brand and on the sound they release, it is always really good and really tight. I have a lot of respect for them.

Early I listened to Avicii and Afrojack when they were growing and I really support them. They’re still doing an amazing job.

What was your musical upbringing?

I was the only one in my family to listen to electronic music. I would put electro in the search bar. I was trying to find a lot of new electronic music and I didn’t know anything about it. Then I found some blogs and websites and started researching as much as I could because I loved this kind of music.

What do you look forward to this year’s MMW?

I’m looking forward to my pool party on Saturday. Lost Frequencies and Friends with Nora en Pure, Autograf, The Magician. The vibe is going to be really cool. We’ve sold a lot of tickets and a lot of people are coming. I play at SLS on Friday. I love the whole vibe of MMW.

If you could create your own music festival where would it be?

I think I would make a cross-over festival with live and electronic acts. I love the fact that when Im in a crowd I can go see both type of acts. The vibe is completely different. I would like to do an indoor festival. There is heat and it is dark. In a normal festival the vibe is completely different for a DJ that plays in the night than for a DJ that plays during the day. In dark people are more close and go crazy. Maybe for the live stage we could put it outside because its different.