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Oshi’s Collab With Skrillex Is Almost Finished


Rising London-based producer Oshi, has made some major moves over the past few years, but the 18-year-old may be making his biggest move yet by finishing up his long-awaited collaboration with Skrillex. Oshi took to Snapchat to announce that he plans on finally finishing a track with the famed artist.

Not only has Oshi put out some killer music – he also co-founded a music label, Film Noir, and has played at several OWSLA showcases. The U.K. producer, who is easily recognizable by his massive hairdo, has been teasing his collab with the OWSLA label head for quite some time now.

This track is nearly a year in the making, as it was first revealed last April in a similar fashion. Oshi posted a video on his Snapchat that played a clip of a song with the file name, “skrillexoshi_Master,” with an unpromising caption: “its never coming out ever.”

About a month later, Oshi was featured on the eighth episode of OWSLA Radio on Beats 1. As the guest on the episode, Oshi chose to play an early version of the collaboration that he claimed was finished 5 minutes prior.

Now, 10 months later, Oshi is finally getting around to finishing up the heavy-hitting track and we’re hoping to hear a final version with a release sooner than later.

Check out a screenshot of Oshi’s Snapchat below:

Oshi Collab

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