Pandora’s New On-Demand Service Has Arrived



Pandora Is Now A Streaming Service

Pandora has officially debuted its on-demand streaming service. The new platform allows access to 40 million songs on-demand, offline listening and individualized playlists curated by a team of music analysts. The $9.99 per month fee is equivalent to competing services like Spotify and Apple Music, upping the ante for Pandora to keep up in the marketplace of subscription-based streaming.

Even though it might be late to the streaming game, the company currently has a monthly user base of 80 million with the hope of increasing it with new on-demand services. If you are currently paying the $5 per month fee for Pandora Plus, you are able to get six months of Pandora Premium for free. The premium version of the online radio service expands its specialty of personalizing your musical experience by analyzing the playlists you make on your own, and adding more songs it thinks you’ll like. The design is clean cut and user friendly, making the transition easy for new and old subscribers alike.

But the question is, will people actually make the transition to a new platform? The future progress or downfall of the new on-demand service is on an economic balance beam that is unforeseen at the moment. Only time will tell if the service will make it in the crowded marketplace of highly competitive streaming services. Stay tuned!