Paris Hilton Shares Clips Of New Production Equipment On Snapchat


 photo article-2570345-1BE8200500000578-372_634x631_zpsz7oeq2rm.jpg
Paris Hilton recently shared a video of her playing on a ROLI Seaboard, an innovative new piece of performance equiptment. Although the video didn’t show her recording the melody, this could be the beginning of an upcoming Paris Hilton release or even an album.

In all seriousness, the video has grabbed our attention due to the controversy that has marred the young pop star’s foray into the world of EDM. For example, she was snubbed in the past by self-proclaiming herself one of the “Top 5 DJs In The World” and has also been accused of relying on ghost production.

It’s rare that we get a glimpse into her productions, so it’s good to see that Paris is spending some time working on her music. We are all looking forward to hearing what she comes up with, especially after listening to the preview in the video.