Party Favor Gives “WAWA” The Video Treatment With Underground Puppy Ring


 photo 85c64680-243d-40cd-a65f-fcfcada16c09_zpscowijyox.jpg

Mad Decent’s bass hero Party Favor is back with a hilarious and exhilarating video for WAWA. WAWA served as Party Favor’s first original of 2017 and was released on Friday of last week, and Tuesday morning, he followed up the track with the energy-filled video to match it.

With striking visuals traveling through a back alleyway to the backdoor of a nightclub, the video takes the viewer on a journey through the unfriendly world of underground dog show gambling with a cash Kingpin, who was played by R. Marcus Taylor, also known as Suge Knight from Straight Outta Compton. Instead of your typical underground “dog fighting” ring, the video features adorable puppies competing for the prize via tricks and doggy obstacles.

Check out the video below and keep up with Party Favor on Facebook and Twitter.