Porter Robinson’s Server Containing Old Demos Was Hacked


porter robinson

Ever since releasing Worlds in 2014, Porter Robinson has been solidified as one of the industry’s premier tastemakers, creating musical experiences in ways that listeners don’t even realize they’re looking for. In creating and organizing a major album release, many electronic music artists will have extra content that doesn’t quite fit with the angle of the album. Sometimes, there are dozens of experimental or demo tracks that don’t make the final album cut.

Porter had several pre-Worlds demos and live show-related files stored on a private server that has been maliciously hacked. The demo tracks (produced between 2011 and 2014) were never intended for public release. This is an unfortunate example of privacy violation. As overall supporters of all electronic music artists, we cannot condone music hacking. As a highly respected artist in the community, if these are tracks that Porter never intended on releasing, then they should have remained untouched on the private server.

Porter Robinson’s management team has released the following statement to address the leaked files:

Recently, a server was hacked which contained Porter Robinson demos from the years 2011-2014, as well as some more recent live show related music files.
The leak contains nothing that Porter is currently working on, nor anything that was planned for future release. The leaked music represents very old demos / ideas that Porter never intended to release at any time.”

Source: Your EDM