Snails & Pegboard Nerds – Deep in the Night (The Remixes)


Snails & Pegboard Nerds – Deep in the Night (The Remixes)

Just about six months ago, two dubstep powerhouses got together to deliver a grimey track that had our faces melting. That collaboration combined the raunchiness of Snails with massive bass from Pegboard Nerds; the result was the hard-hitting track, ‘Deep in the Night.’ Since then, producers have had some time to add their own style to it and now we have the remixes.

Barely Alive, Dion Timmer and Muzzy all dropped off their takes on the track with their respective styles and they are all solid. These remixes have given the already heavy track even more weight and will definitely scatter your brain. After listening to all three, it’s honestly difficult to pick a favorite, but who needs to? Check out the remix pack below as you stream it for your next rager, but you’ve been warned, side effects may include: face melting, chaotic behavior, and total loss of rational thought.

With that said, enjoy!

Snails & Pegboard Nerds – Deep in the Night (The Remixes) Download