Ultra Music Festival Resistance Countown Has Fans Guessing

ultra music festival

Ultra Music Festival might be the king of festival hype. They absolutely love teasing us with microscopic bits of information, such as a tweet using 2 emojis to tease their mainstage design. With Ultra 2017 only a week away, Ultra’s website is now taken over by a countdown related to Resistance. As of this writing there are 21 hours left in the countdown.

Fans on Reddit have speculated this could be anything from an impending Resistance Ibiza announcement to the Resistance Megastructure design to the far out guesses like a surprise Cirez D announcement. Technically there is a blurred out name in the lineup.

It’s worth noting that all of the Resistance social media pages have adopted a similar color scheme and logo. Additionally, the Resistance closing party at E11even has been using this logo since March 6. Could this be a lineup drop for the Resistance closing party? We’ll have to wait and see.