Essex – Roads



Essex – Roads

Very rarely nowadays does one come across a new name in music and give it an honest, open listen. In a market so saturated with brand-centric producers, the musical side of those projects can lack depth and innovation. Well, along came Essex, a Las Vegas based duo from New York City comprised of members Tyler Sherritt and Phil Goodman. With influences ranging anywhere from 80’s synth pop to the more forward thinking bass pop, the duo gravitates outside the confines of conventional electronic dance music as producer-singer-songwriters. Equipped with the necessary roots in live vocals and instrumentations, expect to hear organic, ethereal, real music coming from these two.

“Creatively we’re both inspired by beautiful chord progressions, melodies, and lyrics. We enjoy the typical pop progressions, 80’s influenced music, and ‘Post EDM’ but we’re always trying to push ourselves musically to separate ourselves. “ – Essex

With many planned releases coming this summer, Essex is debuting today their new venture with the release of ‘Roads’, out now on all music platforms. This track features Tyler ever so perfectly on the vocal which is woven in with intricate drum fills and sparkling synths to create an uplifting tune you won’t want to miss.

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