Kill the Noise Reveals Upcoming Collabs with Snails, Seven Lions & Skrillex


Kill the Noise has been kicking it in this scene for a very long time, and his accolades as a producer speak for themselves. His 2015 album release OCCULT CLASSIC featuring “FUK UR MGMT” and “I Do Coke, both still frequently played by artists on the festival circuit. Kill the Noise certainly hasn’t slouched one bit since then, releasing the OCCULT CLASSIC remix album ALT CLASSIC and his remix of Getter’s “Rip N Dip” in 2016, and “Like a Bitch” in 2017. It appears his 2017 is about to get even bigger, as he just took to social media to reveal that he has upcoming collaborations with Snails, Seven Lions and Skrillex, and that two of those three will be released soon.

Kill the Noise has worked with Snails and Skrillex before, and recently played the Seven Lions collaboration when he opened for Excision on the Paradox Tour. Release dates for these epic collaborations are yet to be revealed, but the man said soon, so we’ll be waiting patiently for more news regarding these upcoming tunes.