Kris Kross Amsterdam Discusses Miami and Music



The boys from Kris Kross Amsterdam have been creating buzz in the dance music community with their chart topping singles ‘Sex’ and ‘Are You Sure’. The down to earth trio made up of Yuki Kempees, Sander Huisman, and Jordy Huisman is excited and eager to continue making more R&B influenced dance music which house music fans should definitely keep a look out for. They discussed their trip to Miami and how they got their start in throwing parties.

What do you think of Miami so far?

SANDER: I hate it, just kidding…..We love it, the weather is great. Everybody is so nice here.

YUKI: Never been to Ultra, It’s the first time. It’s insane. Every hotel is in partymode. The booties here are great!


Where does KKA get their name from?

SANDER: We had a name and two guys stole it from us. Just kidding…We started out as a party. Yuki and I were DJs for several years and we wanted to throw a party with a 90s vibe and then we thought to name it Kris Kross as a tribute to MacDaddy Mac. Also Kris Kross is the sound we play. We play Kris Kross all genres. So it’s a 90s sound and our first party we had a dress code, you had to turn your clothes inside out to get in. The guys from MacDaddy Mac wore their clothes inside out. So, we didn’t want to steal their name but because of the party we get a lot of gigs. People think we are the actual Kris Kross, but we added Amsterdam behind it to make it different.

JORDY: We got an email from the real Kris Kross guys saying we like your music, you’re amazing. And everybody was happy.


As a trio how do each of you contribute to KKA’s music?

YUKI: You can see Kris Kross as a total package of free art. We have this party called Kris Kross that started 5 and half years ago and they’re still throwing it. The creative stuff, Yuki and Sander are always working in the Studio. I’m actually part of the act and stage.

JORDY: I think KK is music, clothes, a brand name, party, but its one. When we make music, I say “Yuki, what do you think about this?” There’s no difference.


Huge fan of your choice of vocals in your tracks especially your debut single “Until the morning”. Are R&B, soulful vocals characteristic of KKA’s sound and will you branch out to different styles?

JORDY: We did a song with Cheat Codes, “Lets talk about Sex” by Salt N Pepa. And I think every song is a tribute to those girls. Our next song has always got that R&B and Pop vibe. We really like Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Justin Timberlake. A lot of those influences are always there.


Favorite experience you’ve had so far?

YUKI: Maybe today, We came twice to America, and went to shoot twice for the video clip of ‘Sex’. And we were just working, working and now we can drink a beer, party in the sun.

JORDY: It’s a dream come true. 3-4 years ago when we started to make hits you go outside of Holland and outside of Europe. Our hit was ‘Sex’.

YUKI: It was 17 in the billboard dance charts.  That was really special.

JORDY: Ten years ago we’ll look back and say wow we played in Miami, talked to you! This is the moment, its now.