Porter Robinson’s Legendary ‘Language’ Now Five Years Old



Porter Robinson made a statement this weekend that will leave fans feeling a bit old. In his recent Facebook status he writes,‘Language’ is 5 years old now. i’ve been thinking a lot lately about how long you all have stuck with me. thank you.” 

Since ‘Language’ came out in 2012, Porter Robinson has made a name for himself by creating music that speaks to his fans and ‘Language’ is a true testament to his ability to make people feel the raw emotions within his songs. Language was also a major turning point in Porter’s career as he shifted away from complextro and more towards the emotional visual type tracks we see from him now.’Language’ has remained a timeless classic and continues to be a crowd favorite as he incorporates this track into his shows. As Porter’s sound continues to evolve, we are happy to see how far he has come and how many lives he has touched through songs like this one.

Happy Birthday, Language.