Autograf – Simple (ft. Victoria Zaro)


Autograf - Simple (ft. Victoria Zaro)

Autograf – Simple (ft. Victoria Zaro)

The Chicago trio Autograf has made a name for themselves by consistently putting out fantastic chill tracks that you can just vibe to.  Their last track ‘You Might Be‘ is a perfect example of this. And their latest addition to that is their new single ‘Simple‘ with New York based vocalist Victoria Zaro. You might recognize her voice from the Chainsmoker‘s ‘New York City’. Contrary to what the title might have you think, this track is far from simple.

Victoria Zaro’s sultry vocals combined with the upbeat lyrics gives the track a catchy pop sound. That combined with Autograf’s expert production skills helps create a track that’s perfect for both the radio and a summer festival. Fortunately you’ll have plenty opportunity to catch this track live as they are currently on their Nobody Knows Tour.

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