Dubspot Accused Of Fraud By Students



Dubspot is one of the most renowned schools for electronic music production. However, that is changing as recent reports have been surfacing of students not getting the classes they paid for. THUMP reported on May 16 that the school’s former students and teachers have accused Dubspot of fraudulent activity. THUMP states, Over 55 students alleged that the school did not deliver the classes they had paid for up front.” A number of these students still have not received refunds from the school. Frequent rescheduling and poor communication are cited as the reasons behind the school’s failures.

THUMP reports that instructors wouldn’t teach “because they themselves had not been paid their teacher’s fee and refused to teach.” Instructors were given audio gear as a replacement form of payment. Students and teachers alike have started to take action, as many of them have taken their cases to court. The report states that the founder of Dubspot, Dan Giove, “is currently the subject of ongoing legal action.”

According to THUMP, “While some students have already won their cases in the courts, most of the students….said they have yet to receive a response from staff regarding their refunds. Multiple top-level employees at the company also appear to have left within the last six months, according to their public professional networking profiles.”

The company is falling apart and most of the people involved are jumping ship. Employees of Dubspot have stated that Giove’s behavior was tense and unstable. Giove’s decision to open an LA-based school was what caused these financial issues to become so rampant. Hopefully, the situation is resolved quickly and efficiently. Neither of the campuses is currently operating and the company has not made a formal statement yet.

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