FREQ Is The New Nightclub That Will Replace Beloved Pacha NYC


Last January, the doors of Pacha NYC came to a close after 10 years and, in the process, left a hole in New York City’s nightlife for EDM fans. Finally, after over a year of uncertainty, there seems to be hope for the venue that was once home of Pacha NYC and Sound Factory.

Space Ibiza New York co-owner Antonio Piacquadio intends to open a new club called FREQ at 618 W. 46th St., between 11th and 12th Ave. where Pacha was formerly located. FREQ is expected to be a five-floor venue and have a holding capacity of 2665 people. The venue is currently awaiting its approval form the State Liquor Authority to serve drinks until 4 a.m. and is expected to feature a food menu with options such as “Disco Poutine”, “Freq Burger” and the “Funky Chicken Sandwich”.

FREQ is about to take over a building that has brought tons of memories to New York City’s nightlife for over a few decades. A scheduled time-table for the new venue has yet to be announced, but we are definitely excited to what Piacquadio will bring to The City That Never Sleeps.