Ireland Loves Ecstasy According To Latest Global Drug Survey Report


Ecstasy Pills

The annual Global Drug Survey, prepared by the GDS Core research team, is prepared to get an idea on drug production and use around the world. Their findings, especially in regards to the drug ecstasy, are very interesting.

They discovered that the country that uses MDMA the most is Ireland, with about 39.7% of respondents saying they had taken MDMA in the last year. What does this tell us? Well for one, that Ireland likes to party, but we already knew that. Ecstasy is big in America, but even bigger in Europe. Even with their high amount of consumption, only 1.3% of users had reported needing medical treatment. Another interesting bit is that the survey was mostly conducted in the USA and Western Europe, with over 90% of participants being “white”. As for how global or accurate that is, is up to you to decide. Take a look at the full report here.