Torro Torro x Smalltown DJs – House Shake


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Torro Torro x Smalltown DJs – House Shake

Don’t you just love house parties? The ones where the bass knocks family photos off the walls, neighbors come over to party or complain, somebody throws up in the sink, and eventually the cops get called to ruin everybody’s time. Hell yeah. So much fun. Well, members of the TWONK Team Torro Torro and Smalltown DJs just brought you the next tune for another epic house party titled, ‘House Shake.’

The track was recently debuted on Anna Lunoe’s radio show, Hyperhouse. Be prepared, this one has a bassline that’ll rattle your windows and whisper that’s reminiscent of Ying Yang Twins track, ‘Whisper.’ This latest collab comes from their House Shake EP which will feature remixes from Brillz, Jvst Say Yes, My Bad, rrotik, and Lil Texas. The full EP will be available June 9th, which you can pre-order or you can stream their latest banger below. Enjoy!

Torro Torro x Smalltown DJs – House Shake|Pre-order