Ultra Music Festival Starts “In Motion” Series With Singapore


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Ultra Music Festival has quite¬†easily taken over the world by their widespread presence in over 20 countries. UMF TV is the mecca of all things Ultra- live sets, promos, recaps, after movies etc for each of the festivals. Now, they are starting a new series called “In Motion“, where UMF puts a spotlight on said city and shows its characteristics, qualities, and culture that make it special. They chose to start the series with Singapore, a city that artists all over the world flock to perform in.

The Singapore In Motion video takes you through the anciently modern city by day and night, showing flashes of famous landmarks and scenic views that makes Singapore so unique. The city has a distinct energy and aesthetically pleasing atmosphere¬†which makes it a perfect home for UMF. They do a good job capturing the city’s essence in the video’s few short minutes. We can’t wait to see where they choose next for “In Motion”. Watch below!