Cry Baby Announces New Imprint + New Track – Roses are Dead


As a continuation of the ethos set forth by Smirnoff Sound Collective, Brooklyn-based techno star, Cry Baby, is breaking ground with her new female-focused label, FM Elle. If that weren’t enough, she’s also astonishing us with a brand-new bumping track “Roses are Dead“. Smirnoff Sound Collective aims to cultivate diversity within the dance music community through retreats. During these retreats industry insiders, musicians, and other artists combine their talents to foster a culture that is both accepting and collaborative.

FM Elle is a continuation of that spirit, aiming to showcase the underrepresented talents of women in the house and technosphere, though they will not solely release music created by women. “Progressively driven and forward-focused, FM Elle will prove to be a force to be reckoned with. Simply put, FM Elle is focused on women and good music“.

You can Follow FM Elle on their Soundcloud page to keep up with their future releases. Check out Cry Baby – Roses are Dead below.

Cry Baby – Roses are Dead