Drezo – Dead


Drezo - Dead

Drezo – Dead

Ladies and gentlemen prepare yourselves. Drezo is back with another absolute house banger. We may be a little over enthusiastic about this latest release, but we dare you to listen to this and not enjoy yourself. This latest release from Drezo is titled, ‘Dead’ and that’s exactly how you’ll feel once you put this one on repeat for the weekend.

Drezo’s last few releases have displayed his signature underground, almost raunchy, style of house. The sound is instantly recognizable and transports you to the depths of the dance floor. This song should be played at one of those underground basement parties, where you have to know a guy, who knows a guy, who knows a secret handshake at an unmarked door. Yeah, it’s that deep. The tune though, will have your stomach churning and your feet moving. This track comes as the first of three from his upcoming Jaded EP due out July 14th. You can check out the latest stream below or support the track on iTunes. Either way, get ready to get down.

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