Thursday, January 27, 2022
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Pham’s House Gets Raided by the FBI

Polish DJ Pham took to twitter recently to answer a fan’s question about where his ‘Movements’ album on Spotify was. The answer was not what we expected as Pham answered nonchalantly “It will be back in a few got my home raided by FBI dudes”.

Not much has been released or is known about why the raid occurred. It has been rumored that the cause of the raid could be because Pham’s house was being used as a trap house (that means drugs).

The 23-year-old artist currently is scheduled to play at Electric Forest’s second weekend. He describes his style as ‘genreless’ and a fusion of various elements. His lead single ‘Movements’ which was removed off Spotify during the raid has gathered 18 million streams off Spotify alone.

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