Deadmau5 Shares His Opinion on SoundCloud’s Troubles


DeadMAU5 Soundcloud

Deadmau5 Shares His Opinion on Soundcloud’s Troubles

It has been a very long month for Soundcloud. The Berlin-based company had to close two branches as well as let go of 40% of its staff. After this happened, there were rumors of a 50-day countdown to the company’s end. Most recently, the company announced funding through Q4 and it’s apparent that Chance the Rapper is responsible.

SoundCloud seems to be in a tough situation right now and they need to find a solution for this ongoing issue. I’m sure they have people working around the clock to figure it out but it doesn’t look good as of now. Luckily Deadmau5 has offered his opinion on the matter. He took to twitter after Chance’s temporary fix was revealed explaining what he would do if he were at Soundcloud’s helm. He also chimed in on what they’re doing to fix the problems currently.

Check out the tweets below.

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