Gramatik & Galactic Marvl – Voyager Twins



Gramatik & Galactic Marvl – Voyager Twins

Gramatik is back at it again and this time he’s teamed up with the mysterious Galactic Marvl. They’ve come together to bring us their high energy collaboration, ‘Voyager Twins‘. Carrying the momentum of his release last month, Gramatik brings us a track that will please any long time fan.

The track is more aggressive than the laid back ‘Recovery‘ but definitely carries his staple sound. If you’ve had the pleasure of seeing him live lately then you’ve more than likely jammed out to the track already. The track sounds like it could be a cut off of Age of Reason but also shows how the producer is moving forward with his newer music. Both this track and ‘Recovery’ should have any Gramatik fan excited for the upcoming months and what we’ll hear.

Gramatik & Galactic Marvl – Voyager Twins