Hans Zimmer’s Dunkirk Soundtrack Arriving Soon On Limited Edition Vinyl


Hans Zimmer Dunkirk Vinyl

Hans Zimmer’s Dunkirk Sound-Score Arriving Soon On Limited Edition Vinyl

Hans Zimmer is arguably the most proficient film score producer. He’s won Academy award for The Lion King in 1995, has also been the recipient of 5 Grammys. The legendary composer’s work oozes quality, is liked by many and loved by more, including DJs like Boris Brejcha. Hailing from Germany Hans has gained exponential popularity for his collaborations with one of the best movie makers of this era, Christopher Nolan.

The magical duo is back at it again, this time for Zimmer’s Dunkirk sound score that will be released on Sept 22nd. The production will be on vogue blue & transparent Vinyls. While they will be on a limited edition vinyl and have only 4000 copies sold worldwide, they are up for pre-order now. We have the track-list for Dunkirk here:

Side A
1. The Mole
2. We Need Our Army Back
3. Shivering Soldier

Side B
1. Supermarine
2. The Tide
3. Regimental Brothers

Side C 
1. Impulse
2. Home
3. The Oil

Side D
1. Variation 15 (Dunkirk)
2. End Titles

Putting a little on Dunkirk; a war movie that has transcended the realms of true movie making and Zimmer’s sound takes it to another level, is a must watch.

Source : Mixmag