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[Interview] EDX reveals plans for his 25th Anniversary and No Xcuses Radio Stage


The successful Spinnin’ Records artist EDX took a moment to chat with us and unleashed many details on how he plans to celebrate his 25th year as EDX. EDX fans can expect lots of new hit singles coming their way and more scheduled appearances of the ‘No Xcuses Radio Stage’ which is modeled after his weekly podcast.

You are celebrating your 25th year as EDX and in celebration of that you released ‘Voyage’. How does Voyage reflect your career and life as a DJ?

I’ve been doing this now for so many years, and in my early days I found my love for music and in particular the electronic music scene. Techno and minimalistic sounds were the sounds that pushed the scene 25-30 years ago. I got to go to all these early underground events and with Voyage I tried to show the journey from the early days when the music was more analog. Voyage is one of two tracks that is to be released for the anniversary but it is not really accessible, its more of a club track, one for real music lovers.

Prior to creating EDX and having the success that EDX has experienced how were you involved in the music industry?

Everything started in the mid 80s when hip hop music started to take over the dance floors and club scene. There was a movement called the “Italo Disco” era that moved Italy more toward house music while in the U.S. the club scene moved more toward hip hop like Grandmasta Flash, Furious Five, and all these guys from New York. I was always a DJ and thanks to the passion I had from music I was able to work different angles. I’ve run a record label, managed some artists, but my day to day job has always been as a DJ. My experience as EDX helps me advise younger talents and not make any mistakes that other artists do.

What other plans do you have to celebrate your 25th Anniversary?

There is a second track we are releasing for the anniversary and it is called ‘Daydream’ and we will be releasing a teaser for it. There are a total of five tracks we will be releasing until September. In my home market in Switzerland, Austria, and Germany we are packaging some my favorite songs and putting together bundles. In other territories I will be doing a “2 Decade Tour” which is called that name because it has been 2 decades since I have released my first record.

You also released a phenomenal track last month, ‘Feel the Rush’ which has a great summer feel to it. How was it working on that song?

This type of Record reflects the EDX niche sound. These types of records come together very fast actually. You have a small vocal sample, then you work on chords and ideas around the vocal. You build the breakdown, you build the drop and then the record is ready! Feel the Rush is definitely one of my favorite records, it has summer written all over it

You have worked with several top vocalists in the past such as Nadia Ali. Do you prefer to create tracks with vocals?

Since I’ve been doing this all my life I’m very good at creating instrumental tracks. I’ve been creating vocal tracks since the early days. I think Im enjoying producing a top line together with someone and making music around it. Its always good to have a good top line on a song. It makes the song come together.

You also have several performances in America, and in particular Vegas. How has the energy and audience been this year at the Vegas Clubs?

Well, I’ve been playing in Vegas for over seven years at different venues, locations, and events. Its a fun place. People from not only the U.S. but all over the world come together. I’ve seen a positive change this year. People are becoming more educated and open about music and this has created more diversity in Vegas. So for DJs like me who bring more mellow house, more melodic, more deep its a good time in Vegas.

What is your go to meal or food while touring?

I’m always trying to eat very healthy, I’m trying to cut carbs as much as possible. I try to focus on eating chicken, fish, vegetables, you know the standard things. The combination of a lot of water and healthy foods works really well with my body. I think its really important if you are non-stop traveling strange hours, and have strange wake up times, strange bed times, early flights that you have a light and balanced diet. I don’t really eat pizza on the road because there no good pizza on the road except in Italy haha.

You have had a lot going on this year! You also hosted your No Xcuses radio stage at Electric Forest with Nora en Pure, Croatia Squad, and Watermät. How was it working with them and how was the stages debut at electric forest?

Its really cool because last year we had the same squad at Ibiza No Xcuses. Its always good to play together because we share the love for music. We all play different so its a good match for a stage. I was really looking forward to it because Electric Forest is a nice and big Festival. It was also in Michigan so its good to be back. Its always a good time up there. There will also be many more appearances of the No Xcuses Radio Stage at more festivals this year so be on the lookout for those.

You are with Spinnin’ Records and many of the artists on that label have been releasing some great tropical house hits. We always look forward to EDX releasing tropical/deep/progessive house singles. How do you envision the EDX sound will evolve?

There is always a line in my music. You know you look at my next song ‘Bloom’ which I premiered on my No Xcuses Radio Show recently. That song is different because it has more of a groovy beat. Its very catchy, easy melody, and not very complicated. Then you look at another track I’ve produced and its more of a house track with piano that is a tribute to 25 years as EDX. I always have a good feel vibe with a line and thats how I best describe the EDX sound.

Last question, how excited are you for Tomorrowland this year? What have your Tomorrowland experiences been like?

You know its always good to play the big festivals, the festival of the festivals like Tomorrowland and Mysteryland. They’re all classic festivals. This year I’ll be playing two to three big festivals in Belgium, Holland, and all over Europe. I’m definitely looking forward to playing at Tomorrowland and I’m playing at a pretty cool time. I’m looking forward to getting together with music lovers and our rave family. I’m especially looking forward to Tomorrowland this year because I’ll be joining them in Ibiza for their weekly shows.


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