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A Wild McLovin Appears At Electric Forest 2017

Mclovin ID

EDM festivals and shows are amazing – fans enjoy them, DJs love them and occasionally even some celebrities will be found among the grounds taking in the vibes and the sweet tunes among all the beautiful festival goers. In the middle of it all are those rare moments that where some pretty special encounters happen and at Electric Forest this year, one of those epic moments occurred.

Chris Mintz-Plasse, who is notorious for playing the incredibly goofy character “Mclovin” in the motion picture Superbad, decided to make a fellow festivalgoer’s day. The attendee, who happened to be proudly waving the infamous fake McLovin ID from the movie as his totem, was suprised as Mintz-Plasse showed up and vibed out right next to him, who was completely unaware the actor was standing nearby the entire time.

Watch the super awesome and funny encounter below – and always remember to have fun when making your totem, because you never know who’s going to be walking around!

Charlie Vargas
Born in Los Angeles, Music Enthusiast, and loves a good show every once in a while!
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