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Northern Nights Music Festival Announces “Tree Lounge” For Legal Cannabis Card Holders

tree loungeWeed: it seems to be everywhere in California and on the West Coast nowadays.

As marijuana becomes legal at various levels across the United States, it’s been an ongoing pattern with music festivals to find a way to utilize the opportunity to provide both cannabis education and sampling. We’ve seen it many times before, all of which have been admirable, including Enchanted Forest’s Cannabis Zone and Coachella’s Marijuana Oasis. This year, Northern Nights Music Festival joins the ranks of these festivals by announcing their “Tree Lounge.”

The Tree Lounge is a state-of-the-art oasis for legal cannabis holders that will provide education, on-site recommendations with doctors, installations, refreshments, cannabis sampling and even meet-and-greets with headliners.

Setting up this lounge is truly admirable to see from the event, as they’re aiming to highlight the Cannabis history that has existed in Mendocino and Humboldt, who have long been known for the product. NNMF also aims to remove the stigma around Cannabis usage and spotlight the growers and cultivators from the area, particularly now that cannabis prohibition is moving towards its end.

The lounge will be on-site during the festival, happening next weekend, July 14-16 at Cook’s Valley Campground north of San Francisco. It’s an ideal opportunity to camp in the California Redwoods and brings a killer lineup to the woods, including Living Legends, Jai Wolf, Moon Boots, Cherub, Justin Jay, Random Rab and more. You can purchase tickets to the event here.


Torie Richardson
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