Daft Punk’s Famous Pyramid Stage is Being Rebuilt for 2017



Daft As Punk, not Daft Punk, will be performing in Ireland this year and bringing with them one of the most legendary stages in the history of electronic music.

Instead of waiting for the iconic French duo to return to your local nightclub, you can experience the ALIVE Pyramid stage in full-force by way of Daft Punk tribute band, Daft As Punk. As reported by DAP’s facebook page, the stage has been recreated and will be debuted in Dublin, Ireland on October 20th.

According to the facebook post, the stage replica cost Daft As Punk “and arm and a fuckin leg”, but I’m sure it was money well spent as the show’s early bird tickets have already sold out. If you’re like us, and can’t wait another 2,000 years to see Daft Punk’s revival tour, make sure you get a ticket to this very special event for a (very affordable) €32.49:

“With CUSTOM MADE replica helmets, a full size REPLICA PYRAMID STAGE SHOW and of course, a monster LIVE SET this is gonna be the gig of the year! See you on the dance floor. xx”