Deadmau5 and Wife Officially Dubbed Lord and Lady


As if Deadmau5 and his new wife couldn’t get anymore awesome, they are now literally royals. Dubbed “Lord Joel Zimmerman and Lady Kelly Zimmerman” of Hougan Manor, we’re thinking “Lord Deadmau5” doesn’t sound half bad, either.

You may be wondering how exactly they were given these prestigious titles; what did they have to do? It turns out just about anyone can get with a Lord & Lady Title Pack. All you have to do it part with around $40.  Joel reportedly registered on behalf of the both of them, and seemed quite excited: “Yup. It’s legitimately official. I am a fucking lord. And grill is a lady.”

Rather than having the power to transfer ownership of registered land, it allows the Lord and Lady to receive an assigned two square-foot area in charitable trust, and/or personal land dedication. Regardless of the fine print, the title “Lord & Lady Zimmerman” is pretty epic.