HYPERHOUSE’s Anna Lunoe Gives Birth


annaThe time has finally arrived. Anna Lunoe just took to Twitter to announce the birth of her daughter, Willa. Her post features an adorable photo of baby Willa nestled on her mom’s chest.

It’s easy to forget that Willa has quite literally been following her mother’s career path over the last 9 months. Whether she intended it or not, Anna Lunoe has become a feminist symbol in the male-dominated realm of EDM. And while she’s vocal about the lack of female power in the industry, she prefers to walk the walk over the talk. Just take a look at her calendar from the past year if you need convincing.

From tirelessly stomping across major music festivals and hosting her weekly HYPERHOUSE radio series, all the while increasing in size, Anna has proved that pregnancy isn’t a debilitating condition; if anything it’s a minor hurdle.

The birth of her daughter will mark the beginning of Anna’s longest music hiatus. Knowing Anna, however, we’re sure that she will find time in between bonding with her baby to curating some dope tunes.