Tresor Founder Visits Potential Club Site In Detroit


Detroit Plant

Tresor Founder Visits Potential Club Site In Detroit

Dimitri Hegemann, 60, is the co-founder of probably the most historic Techno clubs called Tresor, in Berlin. The German was in Detroit on an excursion of his next potential club site.¬†Detroit’s Fisher Body Plant No. 21 is a mere structure that is six stories tall but is in ruins. The German stated¬†“I still think it could be done,” after his Wednesday tour. “The place fulfills my expectations.”

The plant’s condition right now doesn’t do any favor to the planning and Dimitri has his work cut out for him. From what is reported, he had to a climb broken railing less staircase to enter the ghastly looking room with broken windows. Hegemann admits he is not in this project for monetary purposes but only because he believes in the city of Detroit. Detroit has always been the pioneer city when it comes to underground techno and garage sounds. He says

“The main intention is to bring more people to Detroit,” he said. “The whole thing for me will be an art piece. Maybe it takes 10 years.”

In the plant, he met with city officials and individuals from different contributing fields. As of now it all looks rosy and looks like Hegemann and company might get a green for this astounding project. Well, all we can say is that Detroit will gain massively with a legendary club like this. Tourism and cultural boons are just add ons to the economic profits it will bring. After all, it is high time karma is restored and the great giving city of Detroit gets what it deserves.

Source : Detroit Free Press