Audien & 3LAU – Hot Water (Two Friends Remix)


Hot Water Two Friends Remix

Audien & 3LAU – Hot Water (Two Friends Remix)

Audien and 3lau have been best friends for awhile. Last year, they showed off their friendship with an awesome b2b performance at Nocturnal Wonderland. And while there, they debuted their collab ‘Hot Water‘. That collab just dropped this summer. And speaking of best friends, the two aforementioned friends just decided to have their track remixed by a couple of experts in friendship: Two Friends.

In typical Two Friends fashion, Matt & Eli knock this remix out of the park. They take the heavy sounding original and give it their upbeat, feel-good spin. From the atmospheric synths throughout the first verse and chorus to the darker, bass heavy drop, they overhaul it all and give it a bright summer sound to complement Victoria Zaro’s beautiful vocals. Give the track the listen it deserves and grab your copy in the link below. They are also currently on their While We’re Dreaming Tour so be sure to check them out if you get the chance.

Audien & 3LAU – Hot Water (Two Friends Remix) | Download