Beatport Goes “Back to Bass”



Beatport Goes “Back to Bass”

People have been going wild to the hard-hitting bass lines of dubstep since the genre picked up popularity and Beatport is acknowledging the love for bass music by adding three new genres.

Dubstep came out of the UK underground scene but the sound that we know today is more influenced by Skrillex. These are not the only two styles and in a nod to the other genres, Beatport has consulted with artists and labels to add Trap/Future Bass, Garage/Bassline/Grime, and Leftfield Bass to its list of genres.

Beatport has come under fire for its classification of genres in the past. With the ever growing spectrum of electronic music, it may be hard to put a track in a box. To avoid causing confusion, Beatport made sure to consult with leaders in the industry to accurately define each category.

Trap/Future Bass: One of dance music’s fastest growing genres, this is the sound heard lighting up festival stages and sold-out shows across the US and Canada.

Garage/Bassline/Grime: This category is dedicated to the cutting-edge sounds breaking out from the UK, whose thriving and ever-evolving scene is ground zero for all things bass.

Leftfield Bass: Leftfield Bass highlights the boundary-pushing indie labels and artists that form the foundation of the global bass scene. With subgenres including Deep Dubstep and Juke/Footwork, this is where you’ll find the best of the underground.

To celebrate the launch and introduce electronic music fans to the new genres, Beatport is also giving away some music. Every week, new tracks will be added to the free downloads page. Some of the tracks available for download include ‘Chosen’ by Diplo, Ricky Remedy and Tunji Ige, and ‘Mental Provocateur’ by Yokaze.

Don’t miss out on the chance to grab free tunes and explore the world of music, visit the Beatport free downloads page here.