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The EDM Subreddit Compiled a List of the Top 100 DJ’s

EDM Subreddit

The annual DJ Mag Top 100 list is always highly criticized and seen as having the wrong results due to big name DJ’s campaigning for votes. For fun the EDM subreddit puts together their own top 100 list where the members of the subreddit decide without the the influence of DJ’s. 

This year, the sample size for the vote was 2,105 people who collectively submitted votes for over 1,000 different DJ’s. The creators of the list who compiled the votes included the spread sheet that lists each artists position, how many votes they got, how many points they got from those votes, and even includes the next 50 highest vote getting artists after the top 100. 

The list itself is quite diverse and crosses over several different genres of music house to dubstep to trance and even hardstyle. That being said the top ten is to be expected with the number one spot going to none other than Martin Garrix. 

Illenium and Porter Robinson round out the top three after both having huge years. Deadmau5 and Eric Prydz come in at number 16 and 17 respectively, while Avicii, who retired from DJing, comes in at number 53. Like all top 100 lists, Daft Punk, who haven’t performed in 10 years, made the list coming in at number 77. 

Overall, the r/EDM Top 100 is a diverse group of artists that is fairly voted on with the results reflecting that. While there is a bit of bias from the subreddit, and it is a relatively small sample size, the results produced seem relatively accurate to the general dance music population. And you don’t have to worry about those iPad votes skewing the results.

Check out the full Top of 100 list on r/EDM here. 

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