Marshmello Is Done Pretending As Forbes and ASCAP Reveal His True Identity


Marshmello‘s true identity has been the biggest ongoing mystery in the EDM industry for a while now. For over a year, fans have speculated about the masked DJ’s identity – but all hints led to one name: Chris Comstock.

The “anonymous” DJ ranked in at the number 8 spot on the Forbes‘ highest paid DJ rankings this year at a casual $21 million. The sudden burst of wealth led the business publication to dig deeper into the man behind the mask.

After long speculation, the debate may finally be over thanks to royalty monitor ASCAP for Marshmello’s single ‘Silence‘. ASCAP lists Chris Comstock as the only songwriter for the hit Marshmello track, other than Khalid, who is already known as the vocalist featured on the track.

Although most fans had a good hunch of Marshmello’s identity already, this new hint may finally seal the deal. A few days prior to the publication of Forbes article revealing the DJ’s identity, Chris….. ergh I mean, Marshmello, had a few words for his loyal fans.

Whether Marshmello is Chris Comstock, Tiësto, or someone completely different, we all love Marshmello for his incredible music. So as long as he continues to produce hit after hit, does it really matter who is under the mask?