Rave Party Spots in Goa Get Raided



Rave Party Spots in Goa Get Raided

Following the two fatalities from last weekend’s rave on the renowned Anjuna Hill, the authorities have taken stern action. Reports suggest that the deaths were a result of ecstasy overdoses. Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar has come out with assertive statements against the drug scene in Goa. He has initiated the Police force to act against the “drug proliferation amongst youth” image Goa is reflecting. The Chief Minister made the following statements on his interaction to the media

“Late night rave parties are illegal and it is where drugs are consumed and distributed”. “Rave parties on beaches or remote areas should be totally stopped”.

The Police raided Curlies which is the flag-bearer of psychedelia in the eastern world and is the heart of the Anjuna Spirit. The cafe/nightclub is well known for its Trance parties since the genre’s conception in the early 70’s. There is a flipside to this spirit of Anjuna. Personally, during my time in Goa (about 2 months every year) I have seen the flipside only because its hard to miss. All sorts of substances from Ecstasy to Speed to LSD, you name it, are only a phone call away. Or a short walk away. Although, these complications can disrupt the hippie raves, they might be a necessary evil. After all, we have to be safe rather than sorry.

Source : Mixmag