Rezz Releases Debut Album Mass Manipulation


Rezz Releases Debut Album Mass Manipulation

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s here. We can officially say that we have made contact with other worldly beings. They have sent a messenger. She goes by the name of Rezz and she is here to take over.

We’ve been waiting for this. Rezz finally released her debut album, Mass Manipulation.  Over the last month, she has slowly released tracks from the album and our anticipation has been steadily building. With tracks like, ‘Relax,’ ‘Diluted Brains,’ and the stomach churning, ‘DRUGS!’ she has consistently delivered a unique industrial sound reminiscent of stylings from Deadmau5 in his early career. The second half of the album is no different. You’ll fall out of your chair when you hear, ‘Synthesia’ and you’ll question reality as you listen to, ‘Ascension’ featuring Kotek.

As expected, Rezz delivered her unique style as the album embodies the sounds and feelings we’ve grown accustomed to from her. Do not miss her this fall as she starts her headlining Mass Manipulation tour to continue her global domination.  Until then, turn this up as loud as possible and let your friends know that our space mom is calling and it’s time to go home.

Rezz – Mass Manipulation|Download