New Photos Of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 Have Leaked


samsung With the official Samsung Galaxy Note 8 unveiling just around the corner in late August, it seems like the leaks are coming in more and more. The latest on this front is a set of images practically corroborating many rumors circulating the internet about the phone itself and some of the features rumored for the much anticipated phablet.

Thanks to a leak by a gadget blog called My Everyday Tech – one that many people have never heard of – we now have some visual representation of what to possibly expect when the phablet is announced.

Some of the features and specs confirmed by the leaked photos include confirmation that the fingerprint sensor will continue to remain alongside the camera, as well as a few camera upgrades such as two ¬†camera sensors on the rear. We’re not surprised that the new device is integrating this dual camera trend, which seems to be taking over the new phone designs nowadays.

Since Galaxy S8 and S8+ owners have complained about the fingerprint scanner’s awkward placement, it will be interesting to see how consumers react to its new, more awkward position due to the fact that the new device will be bigger than the current products on the market.

Expect more leaks to be released as we approach the official announcement date, scheduled to go down on August 23rd. You can also find the leaked product photos below.