Sony Becomes First Major Label to Legalize Remixes


As a casual EDM listener it would probably surprise you to know that Remixes and DJ mixes are technically violations of copyright that can land you in hot water. You might know this from having your mixes mercilessly pulled from Soundcloud or your concert footage pulled from YouTube. Obviously that isn’t stopping anybody, however.

Today, out of nowhere, Sony became the first major record label to officially legalize remixes and DJ mixes. Sony signed the deal with Dubset, a company that fingerprints mixes and gives royalties to record companies owning the samples. Now Sony will still get paid from your unofficial remixes and DJ mixes. This means your mixes could get uploaded to Apple Music, Spotify, or more without worry.

This is seen in the industry as a big blow to Soundcloud, the home of unofficial remixes and DJ mixes. If Dubset obtains similar deals with the other major labels, then it takes away one of Soundcloud’s unique differentiating characteristics.