Daft Punk’s Secret Set at Burning Man


Deeply nestled inside Black Rock City lie the enchanted encampments of Burning Man 2017. Burning Man is somewhat of a mystery for those on the outside world, which makes information that comes out easily manipulable. The biggest rumor to come straight out of Black Rock City desert involves a secret Daft Punk performance.

While artists and celebrities are no strangers to attending the week-long gathering on their downtime, this rumor seems especially out there. An attendee did state that the DJs were “escorted by security and a few camera cars”. That seems like a lot of work for a fake Daft Punk performance.

It is further fueled by what many speculate as photographic “proof” of the secret sethelmets and all. The photos were anonymously submitted to Australian outlet In The Mix. There’s always the chance of photo manipulation or someone simply putting on a helmet and climbing on stage to bamboozle the crowd. It’s especially tricky when you’re dealing with masked DJ’s.

This isn’t the first time rumors of Daft Punk performing at Burning Man have surfaced. In recent years people have said Daft Punk has played on an outskirt area of Burning Man referred to as the fence.

daft punk secret set
image via In The Mix
daft punk BM
image via In The Mix
daft punk BM 2
image via In The Mix

Daft Punk has yet to confirm or deny the rumors. You be the judge.