Cell Phone Theft Ring Uncovered At Nocturnal Wonderland


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According to a San Bernardino County Sheriff’s news release, over 40 stolen phones were recovered at Nocturnal Wonderland this weekend. Officials say a cell phone theft ring of five members was responsible. This is not the first time that a cell phone theft ring has been discovered at a California music festival; a New York man was arrested on weekend one of Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival with over 100 stolen cell phones in his possession.

Nocturnal Wonderland music festival is in its 22nd year running and is most known for its positive vibes and cutting edge production. However, a few attendees decided to take advantage of those simply trying to enjoy the festival.

It is important to stay aware when attending any festival, and police encourage attendees to utilize any “Find My Phone” applications. Cell phone theft rings sometimes operate by using a member of the ring to distract a victim while another goes in for the phone. If you’re attending any festival, stay alert and look out for each other.