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Deadmau5 “Spams The Mic”, Trolls Crowd During Set At Imagine Music Festival

Known notoriously for his hilarious no-cares-given attitude and awesome, yet comical remarks, the infamous Deadmau5 took to the mic at Imagine Music Festival this past weekend during his set to do what he does best: troll.

After the mau5 mentions that they (we’re guessing that “they” refers to the event’s producers) informed him that he was not spamming the mic enough during his set performance, the master troll rose to the challenge. He proceeded to troll the crowd by saying hello to his fans and proceeded to make fun of the usual phrases heard said by most DJ’s during live sets, such as “Put your F***** hands up”, “1,2,3 Jump!”. He even continues on to make some random comments about being drunk after four beers and lets the crowd know that he had just had burger for dinner that night. He ends his troll with mentioning that he gotten a new light guy “cause he fired the other one”.

Check out the hilarious trolling in the video below!

Charlie Vargas
Born in Los Angeles, Music Enthusiast, and loves a good show every once in a while!
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