Dillon Francis Teases A Ton Of Exciting News


Dillon Francis has taken to Twitter to announce that he has some pretty exciting news to tell all of us about soon- a “buttload” of news actually.

So much news, that’s he’s asking everyone to send him a text in order for you to receive all the upcoming alerts, and the way it works is that you simply text his infamous slogan, “IDGAFOS” to 46904 and that gets you signed up for all things Dillon!

As for what this upcoming news could be is a mystery that the master troll himself has kept them to himself for now, but he has expressed on wanting to work on all Spanish album, which he teased when released his remix for J.Balvin’s, “Mi Gente” so maybe he’s taken a note from the success of “Despacito” this year or perhaps it’s something all new entirely.

Either way, feel free to text the number above and “Stay Woke”!