DROELOE – A Moment In Time EP


DROELOE – A Moment In Time EP

DROELOE dropped their ‘A Moment in Time‘ EP recently and it deserves a listen from your ears. The Bitbird Records duo has been on the minds of future bass fans all year and the San Holo imprint and this body of work certainly meets that expectation. Weaving together childhood samples, strong songwriting, and an ear for sourcing solid top liners, ‘A Moment in Time’ plays out as a personal memoire. At the same time it displays a collection of infectious, streaming friendly future pop ballads – a delicate line to walk in an age where many electronic artists choose to mail in cookie cutter, Spotify-friendly cuts.

“The concept of the EP revolved around us wanting to tell a broader story than we have in the past by putting out one cohesive body of work instead of just singles. We tried to tell a full story both musically but also using the visual elements such as the artwork and the overall aesthetic. To us, the EP represents a story of our journey from ‘1997’ until ‘just now’ so to speak and we hope it speaks to you in a way that you understand our story!”

The standout track on the EP is ‘Sunburn’, featuring an uncredited vocalist who unabashedly delivers a top line that doesn’t over reach its purpose. It sits spryly in the clicks and guitar whirls of the instrumental, clearly coming out when necessary, but never overpowering the main event.

Check out all of A Moment In Time below.